Welcome to yyrGames!

It's possible that you're here because you played or bought one or more of my games at Super MAGFest 2020! So, I'll give you a little introduction to what I'm about, what I've got out right now, and what comes next!
I'm a one-man indie developer from New York, and I exclusively develop arcade-style games, because those are my favorite kinds of games. They're what I grew up with, and what I still enjoy playing the most, even at my current age of 40.

Currently, I have two games out on Steam with a third releasing soon:
Super Multitasking: My most original title yet, an evil experiment that challenges you to play up to 4 minigames at once using a single gamepad!
Falling Plus: This is my love letter to 1980s action/puzzle games! I didn't show this at MAGFest.
Sharpshooter Plus: Coming soon, this is a straight action-packed target shooting game, full of challenge and playable 3 different ways: gamepad, mouse, or touchscreen! I'm currently planning to release this towards the end of February 2020.

You may have already purchased one or all of these. If so, thanks so much for your support!

If you purchased Super Multitasking, please look forward to the upcoming FREE expansion, Super Multitasking: Versus Ultimate! This update will allow you to change the number of gameplay slots from 4 to either 3 or 5, plus will contain new minigames, new Challenges and speedruns, plus the all-new 2-player Versus Mode! And if you can't wait for all of these new features, watch Super Multitasking's Steam Community page for information on how you can enjoy these features as they're added to the game! I'm hoping to release the full expansion during Summer 2020.

As far as what's coming next...I'm hoping to begin releasing games on Xbox One Creators Collection this year. I'm also hoping to release a new version of my 2012 Xbox Live Indie Game release, Bungee Ferret Tossing! And lastly, I'd like to introduce an entirely new IP for the first time since 2015! Hopefully this is the year I can do that =)

Anyway, thanks for visiting, for supporting yyrGames, and for helping spread the word about my arcade-style games. I hope you enjoy playing them!