Mac support is up in the air

The following applies not only to my upcoming releases, including Sharpshooter Plus, but also to my currently-released games, Super Multitasking and Falling Plus. If you are a Mac user, please read it carefully.

Apple has decided to tighten the security on the latest version of MacOS. They are now requiring all developers to submit their work--both new apps, and updates to existing apps--to Apple for "notarization." This allows Apple to determine whether apps are infected with malware, unsafe to run, etc. ahead of time. While this is certainly a good thing for users, the not-so-good part is that an active developer account is required for this process, which costs $99+tax per year.

I am proud to have released Mac versions of my games, and would love to continue supporting the Mac platform, but to date, my Mac sales have not even come close to $99 all-time, let alone over the past year. Until and unless I become more well-known, and my games sell to a wider audience, it is not financially viable or wise for me to spend over $100 per year maintaining an Apple developer account.

Over the coming weeks, I will be testing to see if I'm still able to release new Mac products and/or updates on Steam. I will also test my existing products on the latest release of MacOS. At some point before Sharpshooter Plus releases, I will announce both whether Mac support is still coming, as well as whether updates to my existing Mac products will be released. (There are currently no planned updates for Falling Plus, but the expansion for Super Multitasking is scheduled for later this year.) If I am cancelling updates to existing Mac releases, I will offer refunds for previously-purchased products, even if the Steam refund period has expired.

Thank you for supporting yyrGames.