Super Multitasking: Versus Ultimate preview build out now!

It's a few months late, but it's here! This new preview version contains all of the Super Multitasking you know and love, but adds a sampling of new features from the upcoming Super Multitasking: Versus Ultimate expansion!

Here is a sample of the major new features:
- Support for 3-slot and 5-slot play has been added! (5-slot play requires a gamepad for now, but will be supported on keyboard upon the final release.)
- Versus Mode has been added! Enjoy head-to-head play for the very first time! (Requires two gamepads; keyboard not supported.)
- The ULTIMATE game set has been added! For now, it's mostly the same as SUPER, but you'll notice a few differences in existing games...
- Many miscellaneous changes and fixes.
Please note that Leaderboards and Stats are not yet active for 3-Slot and 5-Slot play, or for the ULTIMATE game set. If you use any of these, your scores will be tracked locally but will not be submitted to Leaderboards.

Here's what is not yet in the game, but will be coming in the full Super Multitasking: Versus Ultimate expansion:
- Several ALL-NEW minigames will round out the ULTIMATE game set and Versus mode!
- Tons of new Challenges will be added, except they will now be called Missions! They'll also be separated into several sets, called Courses. And, some individual Missions will contain far more depth than before! Stats will also now be tracked across all players, just as in Standard Mode!
- The ALL-NEW Gauntlet Mode will be added! It'll be another new way to enjoy Super Multitasking; different every time, but without having to wait for things to ramp up!
- More new Leaderboards and Stats than you can shake a stick at!

I hope you'll be looking forward to the final release. It's unfortunately still some months away, but I'm hoping to release it sometime during the first half of 2021! And, as was previously announced, anyone who buys Super Multitasking prior to the expansion's release will get the expansion for FREE!

To get the preview build, open Steam, go to your Library, highlight Super Multitasking, click the Settings button, and then click "Properties." Head over to the "Betas" tab, then change the drop-down from "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" to "beta - Beta/testing". The update will then download automatically. The first time you run the new version, your data from version 2.1 will be imported and converted.
WARNING: If you opt in to the Beta track, and then play the game at least once, your previous save file will be overwritten and will no longer work in the previous 2.1 version! So if you switch to the Beta, please remain there until the full expansion releases! Downgrading to the previous version is not supported.

Thank you for playing Super Multitasking!