Notice of price increase

Over the course of the last 13+ years, I have spent many thousands of hours creating, refining, and releasing arcade-style games with little more than my own two hands. The price tags on my games represent some of the best values available part, because my games don't cost as much as they should.

Charging too little for my games makes them look "cheaper" than they actually are. Anyone who has played my games for any length of time knows how refined and polished they are, despite their simple appearances. In an effort to more accurately convey their level of quality, on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021, I will be adjusting the prices of my currently-released games on Steam as follows:

  • Sharpshooter Plus will be raised from $2.99 to $3.99.
  • Falling Plus will be raised from $1.99 to $2.99.

Super Multitasking will remain at $4.99 for now, but once the Versus Ultimate expansion is released later this year (for real, this time!) its price will increase to $7.99.

yyrGames will continue to participate in Steam sale events, so you will have more chances at discounts in the future.

Thank you for your continued support of yyrGames!