X Mode

So...I just released an update for Sharpshooter Plus. I apologize for sitting on it for over a year, but it's out now. The update adds just a single new feature...something called "X Mode."

If you've played Sharpshooter Plus, you know that some of the minigames feature targets with Xs on them. You're not supposed to shoot these; if you do, you get a buzzing sound, a flashing X, and a score penalty. You know, the sort of thing 2-year-olds actually enjoy.

Sharpshooter Plus is the first video game my 4-year-old daughter ever played. And when she was 2, she already enjoyed playing it, but really was only interested in poking the Xs. And so, X Mode was born. X Mode swaps all of the targets, so that you're supposed to shoot the Xs and ignore the others. And every time you hit an X, you get the buzz and everything...just not the score penalty. Essentially, there are no changes to the gameplay,.

"Get an X score," she'd say. And now you can. Just press X on your keyboard repeatedly from the Main Menu until you hear a buzzing sound. X Mode takes effect until the game is restarted (there's no other way to turn it off, sorry!). I hope you enjoy it.