Bungee Ferret Tossing 1.5 update

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Bungee Ferret Tossing, one of the more strange concepts I created. The fast action and unique control scheme still hold up today, in my opinion. I did previously announce that I was working on a new version of the game for Steam, but obviously, it's not out yet.

I've actually been working on it here and there--while being careful not to let that work slow down Super Multitasking's development--and a lot has been done. Currently, I'm working on Remix Mode's bonus options (wait 'til you see these!). But there's still more to do, so it's not ready yet. I really did want to release it this month, but it was not to be. In fact, it's starting to look like I'm not going to be releasing anything else this year. I've been working on stuff, though, I swear! There's just a lot to do on all of it.

Game development is really hard, time-consuming work. And now that I have a four-year-old, more responsibilities, and a desire to actually also play games, there are some days where after all is said and done, I didn't leave any time to work on my projects. But as this year approaches its end, I'll be doing my best to try to minimize the number of those days.

Thanks for sticking with me as I work on all of this. I appreciate that you're here and waiting for my next releases. =)