yyrGames' XBLIG, in a nutshell

Edit (10/10/2017): Xbox Live Indie Games have now been delisted; these titles are no longer available for sale.

With mere months to go until XBLIG disappear forever, I figured I'd remind everyone of what yyrGames titles are now being offered on the service. If you like arcade-style games, you'll almost certainly enjoy these on your Xbox 360! Click on any title to learn more!

Snake360: It's just Snake, except with a challenging campaign featuring 300 unique levels; a unique, addictive 4-player Battle Mode; sharp 3D graphics and an energy-packed licensed soundtrack! (Also available: Snake360 Lite, with 90 levels and the same addictive 4-player battles.)
CardArcade: Enjoy 5 arcade-style solitaire games...go for the high scores!
Falling: This retro-style action-puzzle will remind you of arcade games from the 1980s!
Sharpshooter: An intense test of your analog stick skills! Blast the targets in 20 unique minigames, and shoot for the top grades!
Bungee Ferret Tossing: An action-packed experience reminiscent of shoot-'em-ups, BFT is the only game we know of that has you battling terrorists using small exploding animals!
Multitasking: A wildly unique twist on "micro-games" that challenges you to play up to 4 of them at once!
Snake Party: Tons of options and refinements have been added to Snake360's 4-player Battle Mode! Plus, challenge 3 Survival modes and 100 solo Missions!

I created these games entirely with my own two hands over the course of 9 years. They represent...quite a lot to me, actually. They're a re-interpretation of the things I love about arcade games. I actually love playing each and every one of them, but even more than that, it has been one of my greatest pleasures to share them with you.

Please enjoy these titles, and continue to do so even after XBLIG has gone dark. I would also encourage you to check out some of the other great XBLIG titles before the service disappears. As for these games, I hope to release new versions of them in the future, so that they're not lost forever. Please continue to watch yyrgames.com for announcements =)

Over the next few weeks, I'll be finishing up an article I've been writing on the last 11 games to hit the service. I look forward to sharing it with you! (Please contact me if you would like to publish this article on your site.)