Super Multitasking delayed to Fall

There's just so much to do, and so much happening in my life, that releasing Super Multitasking this summer was ultimately not possible. But I'll do everything I can to release the game over the next 3 months--and in a 100% finished state.

Part of why this has taken so long is the keyboard support. I want to release the game such that you can play it using any combination of keys you want, and also such that the specific keys you choose will be properly displayed on the UI. This will make the process of actually playing the game as intuitive as possible. I also want to support all of the popular controllers on the market, using artwork that accurately portrays all of them. This work has taken me a very long time, especially since I'm not much of an artist, but I'm just about finished with all of it.

What's left to do now, other than a few polishes and tweaks, is to add the Steam support. This will include Steam Cloud support for saves, a full set of Achievements, full leaderboard support, and even a few trading cards if I have time. Hopefully, this will all happen fairly quickly, as the Achievements are already planned out, and the Steamworks.Net library should make all of this integration easier.

Last, but not least...I actually want to make some effort to promote the game before it goes on sale. You can help with this. Yes, you. You who are reading this right now. Obviously, if you've read this far, you're actually interested in the game. If you have a PC, and you'd like to help me test it, or if you'd like to stream it to your audience before it's released, go ahead and let me know using the contact form, and I'll hook you up. Thanks in advance!