Super Multitasking release date & beta test announced!

It is my pleasure to announce that Super Multitasking will be releasing for Windows on Steam soon...specifically, on Friday, February 23, 2018! (The Mac version should be releasing shortly afterward, if not on the same date.)

I feel that I can announce this now because apart from some artwork, the game is now 100% feature complete! This also means that it's going into Beta, and that testing is about to begin! Over the next few days, I'll be sending Steam redemption keys to anyone who indicated they were interested in testing, so watch your e-mail =)

If you didn't previously show an interest, but would still like to test Super Multitasking, it's not too late! Use the contact form, drop me a line, and you can be one of the first to experience the insane challenge of Super Multitasking for yourself!

We are about to enter 2018, which marks the 10th anniversary of yyrGames. For those who enjoy my arcade-style games, this will be an exciting year, I assure you! Please watch this space for more announcements!