Snake360: Version info/history

This was originally posted to the yyrGames forums on Dec 05, 2008 at 2:15 pm, and was last updated in 2018.

The final version is 1.2, released on September 30, 2009. (Changes to XBLIG are no longer possible.)

If you have the latest Xbox 360 Dashboard update from August 11th, 2009 (or later), and you are not running the latest version of Snake360, you will be informed that there is an update when you launch the game. Unlike retail and XBLA games, the update is not required to play, but it is strongly recommended that you update for the best experience.

You can check what version you have by looking in the bottom-left corner of the screen during Attract Mode. You will see the string "XBLCG VERSION x.x.x," where x.x.x is the version number you're currently running.

Note: There is only one difference in scoring between later (1.1.0+) and earlier versions. It affects Marathon Mode only, as listed below.

Version history:

- Added proper support for PAL SDTVs.
- Changed the intro screen that appears when starting your first game, from a wall of text into a controller diagram and two sentences. =)
- Added a "Choose Difficulty" menu, to make difficulty selection more obvious.
- Made ZOOMED the default camera angle. This affects new profiles only. Don't like it? Click in the Left Stick to change.
- Added reference to
- Removed reference to old price point.
- A few UI-related bug fixes.

- Fixed a level design issue in "Know Vine Enemy" (5-2-5). There had previously been a one-way dead-end. =(
- Fixed a crash bug that could occur if you used the "unlock all" code, played a course you hadn't unlocked yet, then re-entered the course mode select screen without using the "unlock all" code.
- Added proper support for 480i widescreen.
- Added a name to the credits.

- New 2-player mode added: Competition Mode! Choose any unlocked course and face off against a rival. You will play one life on each stage. If you survive the stage you'll receive the time bonus. Win or lose, you'll go to the next stage, and continue until all 10 are played. Highest score at the end wins.
- New 1-player mode added: Practice Mode! Choose any unlocked course, and pick a stage for practice. You can only select a course's Extra Stages if you've at least reached the first.
- Marathon Mode now awards a bonus for lives left upon clearing stage 60. The value depends on the difficulty you're playing: Easy: 100000. Normal: 125000. Difficult: 150000. Expert: 175000. Master: 200000. I have decided NOT to clear the leaderboards.
- USB keyboard support added. ENTER = Start, ESC = Back, arrow keys/WASD for movement. To use the keyboard, press ENTER during attract mode. Multiplayer is disabled while using the keyboard. Keyboard support is not available in Snake360 Lite.
- "Cheat" debug menu added. Hold buttons (which? it's a secret!) as the intro screens end ("Aaron Teplitsky Presents"). Instead of attract mode, you will see a menu fade in with two functions: Unlock All (self-explanatory), and Disable Profiles, which disables loading/saving and prevents players from having to sign in. This mode is ideal for party settings.
- fixed bug where "how to play" window for first-timers would re-appear if the game was paused.
- Occasionally, the game would crash while trying to save profiles in multiplayer modes, because it believed that the player had signed out and the save could not occur. Now, If this situation occurs, the game will put up a notification saying that the save failed, but will continue running. If you encounter this, I recommend that you quit to the main menu, then sign in all players again before continuing. If you still encounter this error often, you are encouraged to use the Debug Menu cheat and activate Disable Profiles.
- Normal is now the default difficulty, not Easy.
- Changed color of some of the text in the "How To Play" screen for first-timers, to help point out that the face button control method is best.
- Rich presence strings (AKA spy on your friends) are more accurate than before.
- Target appearance in the "How To Play" attract mode demo was slightly wrong and was fixed.

- fixed the Trial Mode crash bug, where the game would crash if the trial time expired while in game.
- re-enabled multithreading support.
- fixed the "How to play" scripted demo in Attract Mode.
- removed "B = BACK" text from the bottom of the Result screen menu, because pressing B there doesn't do anything.
- introduced a "How to play" screen that pops up at the beginning of course mode if your clear rate is 0 (in other words, the first time you play).

- made a small change to Trial Mode to try fixing a crash bug (it didn't work).
- accidentally disabled multithreading support.

1.0.1 (first released version)
- fixed a Trial Mode bug where the game would crash if a local (non-Xbox Live) profile tried to select "Unlock Full Game."

- Initial version (not actually released).