Snake Party: Known issues & undesired behaviors

This was originally posted to the yyrGames forums on Jul 22, 2016 at 9:36 pm.

The original, latest, and final version is 2.0, released on August 31, 2016.

Here is a list of known issues and/or unintended behaviors in the XBLIG release of Snake Party. Because Xbox Live Indie Games is being discontinued, and submissions beyond September 2016 are not possible, these will not be fixed. They are minor issues that should only affect a small number of players.

- When Blink is turned on for walls, depending on what theme is in use, the sides of the stage's outer wall may also Blink, revealing the background floor underneath. This was unintended, but it actually makes using Blink more challenging, so maybe it's good?
- When Reversal Mode is turned on, it is possible for the snake's head to get close enough to its own tail that it looks like one continuous snake, or like you've gone through yourself. Due to how the snake turns, this will ultimately lead to a situation where you're trapped (in Battle Mode with Suffocation on, you may be able to escape). Workaround: do not attempt to enter yourself =)
- When you take a target, a new target can randomly appear in front of your snake's position. Usually, this is good. But when Reversal Mode is on, it can throw you off and/or put you in a dangerous position. Currently, this is not addressed or prevented. I plan to prevent this from happening in a future version of this game. For now, I'm sorry if this causes a bit of irritation!