yyrGames @ NYCC 2011: Snake361, & BFT world premiere!

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yyrGames @ NYCC 2011: Snake361, & BFT world premiere!

Postby yyr » Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:52 am

It is with great pleasure that I now take a moment to announce and detail my presence at New York Comic-Con 2011! (I probably should have done this sooner, but I've been too busy working on the actual games!)

Despite the fact that my appearances at PAX East and other shows have led to near-zero media attention, and have certainly not paid for themselves, I can't get around this simple truth: I love bringing my games directly to you. I love seeing the smiles and laughter that directly result from Snake361 Battle Mode... the feelings of satisfaction from triumph in Snake361's harder challenges... the excitement in people's faces when they experience the arcade action that I loved growing up, and the knowledge that I brought it to them. So I'm going to keep on doing it.

This will be my debut at NYCC, and I'll have two games with me: the latest version of Snake361, now due out next Spring, and something I call Bungee Ferret Tossing. I'll be running each game on three stations.

Since its appearance at PAX East, I've added the following major features to Snake361, along with many small bugfixes and improvements:
- Challenge Mode! Try 10 Challenges at NYCC...the full version will have over 100! These scenarios range from fun to frustrating! Win a year of Xbox LIVE Gold if you're the first to complete the hardest four challenges in only five attempts!
- Dual Survival mode. Watch your tail, as it will become your head each time you take a target! Fun and challenging.
- Many more Battle Modifiers. Try Reversal (different from what it was before), Shrink, Infinite Growth and more! Or, try all of them together!
- Target size in Battle Mode can now be adjusted. The default for Battle Mode is now "X-Large." (2 rows by 2 columns) Furthermore, target size on Easy Campaign is 2x2; size on Medium Campaign is 1x2. Target size remains 1x1 on harder difficulties, as well as in Survival modes.
- You can now watch replays even after the game is over. The full game will allow you to save them for later, as well.

Bungee Ferret Tossing is a fun little game where you attack terrorists with exploding ferrets. That's not a typo! The artwork is not 100% final, but what you'll see at NYCC is a good representation of the gameplay. You'll get to play the first 3 stages (out of 5), in either Normal or Hard modes. The final game also contains a Survival mode. I hope to have the full version out by the end of the year on XBLIG, and it'll be at the 80 MSP ($1) price point. I hope you enjoy it =)

So, stop by the yyrGames booth, and enjoy your time at NYCC!
Aaron Teplitsky
I hope you're having fun with them!
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