Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Indie Games)
$1.00 (US)
March 2010 - October 2017 (No longer available)

Peppy the Penguin was just minding his own business. Suddenly, Wally the Walrus is trying to get in, and he's making a big mess, to boot! Blocks of ice are dropping from the ceiling, and Wally is personally making an appearance from time to time as well!

Peppy was never good at keeping his igloo clean before, but now, if he doesn't match the colors carefully and work quickly, he'll be faced with a mountain of problems! Can Peppy clean up the mess and get rid of the intruder? It all depends on you and your reflexes!

Please note that the Internet Ranking feature in this game is no longer functional. Click here for more information.

Falling is a fast-paced action-puzzle game! Your task is to dodge the falling blocks and enemies, then eliminate them to clear the round and move on to the next! Kick or throw a block into a second block of the same color to eliminate both. You can also push blocks, and drop them in front of or below you. Get to know these skills, then use them quickly! You'll need to take care of the mess on the screen, even while more of it drops from the ceiling!

And just when you think you've got things under control, Wally shows up to make things more difficult! Push, kick or throw blocks to crush him before he causes trouble! At first, Wally's not much of a threat, but in later rounds, he'll be able to jump over blocks, push them around or even kick them back at you! Wally, however, is no match for careful planning, quick reaction time and a cool head!

Just make sure to take care of the mess before the bonus timer drops to 0. If you can, the bonus is yours, but if not, you'll be playing with fire! And if for some reason you find Falling too easy, turn on Hard difficulty and see how long you can last!

Falling is presented as a retro arcade game with an emulator-style presentation. You'll think you've traveled back in time 30 years! The fun gameplay is backed up with colorful graphics and genuine retro music and sound effects, created on a Commodore 64! But you also get modern features such as customizable controls, full support for HDTV resolutions, and Internet Ranking on yyrGames.com! Compete for records on four different scoreboards!

This fun, addictive game costs just $1 US! Falling is now available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games...try it for free right now!

Falling Features

  • Colorful, retro-style presentation with full HDTV support
  • Addictive puzzle/action gameplay for 1 or 2 players (alternating)
  • Authentic music and sound effects newly created on classic hardware
  • Customizable controls and game options
  • yyrGames.com Internet Ranking allows you to track your high scores and compete with other players worldwide

With Falling, I wanted to capture the look and feel of a classic arcade game. So I started with 16 x 16-pixel sprites and laid them against simple, colorful graphics.

I then created all of the sound effects and music on a Commodore 64. I had a great time doing this, and I felt that they sounded pretty authentic. When I actually threw them into the game, I was floored by just how well they seemed to fit. I couldn't stop smiling...

But none of this matters if the gameplay doesn't shine. Especially on the later rounds, or on the Hard difficulty level, Falling becomes a challenging, action-packed experience that, I feel, measures up to many of the games you may remember from years ago.

I hope that when you play Falling, it brings a smile to your face, and fond memories to the surface of your mind.