Privacy Policy

yyrGames Privacy Policy
(Last updated: 2/28/2019)

We take your right to privacy seriously, and will be completely transparent about the data we collect and how we use it.
By visiting, or by using yyrGames products or services, you agree to this policy.

What information is collected by
When you visit, some information is automatically collected, such as your IP address, browser and device information, operating system, language preference, referring URL, country of origin, and what pages you visited on the site. None of the information collected includes, or can be used to obtain, your specific identity (such as your name or contact information).
The only other way that this Web site collects information is via the contact form. Any information you enter on the contact form can be collected and retained by yyrGames.

What information is collected by the actual games produced by yyrGames?
The games themselves collect a very limited set of information, depending on the game and where you obtained it. yyrGames titles sold on Steam collect your Steam username, and post it to Steam leaderboards along with your scores. yyrGames titles sold on Xbox collect your Xbox Live Gamertag, and post it to Xbox Live leaderboards along with your scores.
In addition to this, Super Multitasking will collect certain specific play data, such as how many times each minigame was played/failed. This data will be combined with data from other users. Any user can check the sum of this data, collected from all users. yyrGames may view the combined data also. Neither yyrGames nor any individual user can see any other specific user's data; only their own personal data, or the total sum of all data collected can be viewed. If you don't wish to participate in this data collection, choose "Opt Out" when prompted the first time you start the game, or from the Options menu later.
In all cases where data is collected, none of this data includes, or can be used to obtain, your specific identity (such as your name or contact information).

Where is the collected information stored?
Information collected by the yyrGames Web site is stored by the yyrGames Web site. (It is only accessible by yyrGames.)
Information collected by yyrGames titles published to Steam is stored on Steam's servers.
Information collected by yyrGames titles published on Xbox is stored on Microsoft's servers.

How is this information used?
We may use or analyze information collected by to improve current or future products and services. The information will not be posted publicly; it will be used internally, only by yyrGames.
Comments collected via the contact form may be used to advertise yyrGames products, but only after we receive specific consent to use them in this way (we will contact you directly before doing so).
Scores posted to leaderboards are publicly viewable by any player of the game in which they've been posted, and are used for score competition among players.
The aggregate stats stored by Super Multitasking are publicly viewable by any player of the game, and may be used to improve current or future versions of the game.

Will the information be shared with any other company or entity?
Any information yyrGames collects via its Web site will be used by yyrGames only, and will not be sold or distributed to third parties.
Because scores and stats in yyrGames titles are publicly viewable, other companies or entities may have access to your username/Gamertag and posted scores.

For how long will collected information be retained?
We reserve the right to indefinitely hold information collected via our Web site, but will generally discard it after 1-2 years.
Scores/stats posted to Steam or Xbox will remain indefinitely.

Will information be collected from minors?
We do not ever ask our players or visitors for their age or date of birth. Therefore, we have no way of determining the age of any specific user, nor will we be able to identify whether a visitor is a minor. The same information is collected from all visitors and players as described above. Further, our game products do not target any particular age group.
If you are concerned about the privacy of your minor child, and do not wish for their information to be collected as described above, please do not allow them to visit this Web site or use yyrGames' products.

Do I have control over my collected information?
If you visited this Web site and do not want yyrGames to retain your collected information, or have posted a score to Steam or Xbox leaderboards that you want removed, please contact us via the contact form, or e-mail (We may ask you to provide your public IP address, Steam username, or Xbox Gamertag, as we will have no other way of identifying which collected information is yours.)

What can I do if I have questions about this policy?
Submit the contact form on this Web site, or e-mail