Super Multitasking

Windows (Steam)
$4.99 US
Now (Released February 23, 2018)

How many video games can you play at the same time? Two? Three? How about four?

How long can you last against an onslaught of continuously-shuffling minigames, when you're tasked with having to play more than one of them at once?

How many of the 42 ridiculous scripted Challenges can you clear?

The evil experiment has returned...this time, to engage an exciting new pool of test subjects. You're next!

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Super Multitasking is the expansion of 2016's ridiculous yet thrilling yyrGames experiment, Multitasking! And once again, all of the gaming skills you've built up over the years will be tested!

In Standard Mode, you'll start with one minigame at a time. The 17 unique minigames will shuffle in and out every few seconds. The longer you last, the more you'll have to juggle at once...first two, then three, and finally, four games at once...IF you can last that long! Just a single mistake, and it's game over!

This may sound like a daunting prospect. But don't worry. You can adjust the minigame and multitasking difficulties independently, or even play a smaller subset of the available minigames, if that makes things easier for you. Super Multitasking is flexible enough that everyone can enjoy it...including those with crazy gaming skills, who can take advantage of Hard and Maximum difficulties!

Since everyone approaches multitasking differently, it's as much fun to watch this game as it is to play it. It's great for streaming! Your viewers will be wowed by your skills, and they'll laugh at your failures! It's great at parties! Pass the controller around and find your Multitask King! Share Super Multitasking with your friends, or your spouse, and watch as they excel...or don't!

Once you've gotten your feet wet, you can try Challenge Mode! There, you'll find 42 scripted Challenges that start off easy, but get progressively more difficult until they're insanely tough! You'll spend hours trying to figure out the best ways to navigate, attack, and finally conquer them! Can you get through all of them? Can you do it without breaking your controller or scaring the people around you? If so, do you dare to try Speedrun Challenge Mode, which has you racing the clock as you try to clear them all in one sitting? Support for Steam Leaderboards will have you racing other players as well!

Want to set up your own scenarios, either for practice or for amusement? There's a full-featured Practice Mode that allows you to set up the minigames any which way you like! Design your own challenges! Work on a particular weakness! Torture your friends! It's all possible with Super Multitasking's Practice Mode!

Finally, we've added a number of Bonus modes! These are variations of Standard Mode that have specific games running continuously while others shuffle in and out, such as Flap Forever or Tennis Forever! Can you hold your focus under these strange new conditions? Give it a shot!

Super Multitasking offers a unique gameplay experience that you can't find anywhere else, along with an approximate metric ton of different ways to enjoy it! You and your friends will find hours of thrills in Super Multitasking! And you'll get all of this for just $4.99 US!

Does all this sound great to you? Buy Super Multitasking on Steam right now!

  • Play up to 4 continuously-shuffling minigames at once
  • Adjustable difficulty levels for both the multitasking and the minigames themselves, so you can customize the challenge the way you want
  • Take on 42 pre-designed scripted Challenges, ranging in difficulty from super-easy to insanely tough
  • Enjoy full control of the 17 unique minigames in Practice Mode, where you can choose what appears where, and when
  • Compete with friends, enemies, and other players around the world via over 100 unique Steam Leaderboards
  • Use your creativity and ingenuity to discover and unlock a full set of 33 Steam Achievements
  • Plus bonus modes, built-in tournament support, Speedrun Challenge Mode, and much, much more!

Super Multitasking, at first, does not feel like an arcade-style game, which is uncommon for one of my titles. But then again, it doesn't feel like anything you've ever seen before.

At the TooManyGames convention, where I've shown different versions of this game for 3 years, I watch people's faces as they try it. As a second minigame appears before the first is finished, almost everyone expresses astonishment and shock first. Then, it turns to interest and sharp focus, as they realize they are in fact capable of controlling two games at once. Finally, when it's over, I see elation, as even though they've technically failed at something, they are in awe of the experience.

Video games can take you places that you've never been before. They can stir up emotions. They can engross and enchant you. They do this in a number of different ways: beautiful graphics, wonderful storytelling, engrossing worlds, deep characters. Super Multitasking does this in a thoroughly different way than all other has you playing video games in an entirely new way. It is impossible to experience this anywhere else. It is impossible to describe how you'll feel when playing it for the first time. It is impossible to convey exactly what this game is and what it means.

I firmly believe that Super Multitasking is an experience, not simply a mere game, and that everyone should try it at least once. Thanks to Steam's refund policy, this is entirely possible; if it's not for you, refunds are painless. But if you wind up loving it as much as I do, I'm thrilled to have had the honor of bringing you this one-of-a-kind experience. I hope it stirs your emotions in brand new ways. Please enjoy Super Multitasking!