Introducing the yyrGames Knowledge Base

Welcome to 2019! This will be an exciting year filled with updated releases of old yyrGames favorites (I hope)! But, more on that later.

I mentioned earlier that the Forums would be closed, which has happened. I also mentioned that the most important articles from the Forums would be moved to a new home on Well, that's also happened! It's called the yyrGames Knowledge Base.

Click on "KB" in the menu up above, and you'll find a bunch of articles. You can also search there for anything in those articles, as well as anything I've ever posted to this front page. Honestly, most of the information there is old, and I'm sure barely anyone cares about any of it, but if you want historical information on the delisted yyrGames XBLIG titles, as well as a few popular or relevant articles I wrote, there they are.

I have also moved the link to the now-closed yyrGames Forums to the "About" section. Of course, you can still use the direct link to go there, as well. If you click on any post that I've moved to the Knowledge Base, you'll be forwarded there automatically. Oh, and when I take the Forums down at the end of this year, the Knowledge Base articles will be all that remains. So, uh, enjoy reading what's there while you can, I guess?