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Sharpshooter Plus is now available on Steam! Take the challenge using a controller, mouse, or touchscreen!

CheapVoiceActing launching soon!

CheapVoiceActing.com, a service of yyrGames, is coming soon!

CheapVoiceActing.com is a one-man service meant for hobbyists and independent content creators who cannot afford professional voice acting. It is not intended to be a substitute for a professional voice actor. CheapVoiceActing.com is available to you (and/or your company) if you have never earned over $50k in revenue from entertainment products within a calendar year.

We donated $50 to North Shore Animal League!

Back when the intense, action-packed, and oddly unique Bungee Ferret Tossing was released, I promised that 10% of the revenues would go to North Shore Animal League, a no-kill shelter located here in New York.

The game didn't sell all that well, but nonetheless, I've just donated $50 to NSAL. If you'd like to support them as well, feel free to go here!

As for BFT, look forward to an announcement soon... ;)

Falling Plus released on Steam!

Falling Plus has become the 2nd yyrGames release on Steam! Click here to buy it now for your PC or Mac! It's discounted 25%, for the first week only!

I've been hard at work on various projects (including a Super Multitasking update!) so the 10th anniversary retrospectives have been delayed somewhat. But I hope you'll continue to look forward to them =)

Super Multitasking's on sale now!

Just in time for Black Friday, save 20% on Super Multitasking! The Steam Autumn Sale runs from now until 11/27 at 7 AM Eastern time. Enjoy =)

I can also now announce that Falling Plus is coming to Steam on Friday, November 30th! Please look forward to it!

The yyrGames forums will be closing

I think it's plain to see that I'm more or less the only one on the forums. There was definitely a good amount of activity there back in the days of Snake360, but over the last few years, it's just been me posting updates, and random bots posting spam. Actually, the most popular post on this forum isn't about yyrGames at all; it's about the Cooking Fever mobile game!

So, after December 31st, 2018, the forums will be permanently locked. The content will remain until December 31st, 2019, after which the forums will be removed. The most popular posts, as well as informational articles on the older games, will be moved to permanent articles on the main site and redirected; all other content will be deleted.