Please look forward to yyrGames in 2022!

I've been working lately on Super Multitasking's new minigames. I'm also putting in a bit of time here and there on Bungee Ferret Tossing 1.5, and on top of those, I'm flirting with finally expanding to new platforms beyond just Steam. All of this, somehow, in between my busy everyday life.

Unfortunately, all of these projects are too far from the finish line to complete this year. So I'm announcing here and now that there will be no further yyrGames releases in 2021. But 2022 should be fantastic, and I hope you'll look forward to a year that promises a bunch of exciting releases! Until then, I'll work hard, so that you'll soon enjoy the sort of action-packed experiences you've come to expect from me.

Thank you for your continued support of yyrGames!