Updates, and...pardon the dust!

Hi all!

First I'll briefly mention that I'm going to (finally) be updating the Web site soon! Because I have to update the back end, there will be a transition period during which some of the content on this site will either not appear, or look different (worse). Please look forward to a redesigned Web site, coming soon!

And now I'll mention that Super Duper Multitasking is coming along! I'm currently working on the game's new Missions...it's up to 80 of them already! I've added quite a few easier Missions, as well as some really tricky new ones, so hopefully players of all skill levels will be able to enjoy them! Plus, please look forward to a new difficulty adjustment feature! This will allow you to reduce Mission difficulty to one of 3 easier settings, for any reason! The game will keep track of what you've completed, and the highest difficulty you completed it on.

The game is also going to feature an XP/leveling system! Don't worry, it's not going to be tied to any unlockables or anything. It will simply measure how far you've progressed in the game. Essentially, as you practice and achieve more, you will see yourself leveling up =) It will reward not only your skill, but also playing modes and difficulties you haven't yet tried. So try every combination of modes and difficulties! And while you're at it, do your best on the Leaderboards =)

I've added some crazy bonus games as well, including a brick breaker game, a full-on Galaxian-style space shooter, and more! You'll be able to multitask these in the Bonus Modes, and full Leaderboard support is in, so have a blast! My aim with Super Duper Multitasking is to give you the ultimate multitasking experience...nobody will ever need to make a game like this again, because this one will have done everything possible! And the best part is, it's finally almost complete! I am still on pace to have it mostly or completely done by the end of the year, for release in 2024, so please stay tuned!

Sharpshooter Plus for Xbox is essentially finished, but I need to put a trailer together and test it a bit more before kicking it out the door. Please expect it by the end of the year, as well!

Nothing else is being worked on this year, except for...a FREE-TO-PLAY version of Super Multitasking! Yes, I want everyone to be able to try this amazing experience for themselves, without having to drop a penny on it. The free version will contain only the Quickplay (formerly "Standard") and Mission Modes; everything else, including multiplayer, Gauntlet, and Bonus modes, will remain exclusive to the "full" version. The free version will also be locked to 4 slots, unlike the "full" version, which will allow you to play with 3 or 5 as well. Finally, rather than containing the sets of minigames that the "full" version has, the free version will contain just one game set with specially-selected minigames, giving players a limited, but exclusive experience that is not actually found in the "full" version.

By downloading this version, you'll be able to play the Quickplay mode on Normal difficulty, and try 5 Missions for free. An inexpensive DLC will unlock all difficulties (including custom) for Quickplay, as well as the full set of 30 Missions. Via a specially-priced bundle, if you purchase the DLC, you will be able to upgrade to the "full" version for a reduced price! But if you want the full Super Multitasking experience, you'll want to own it all =) I hope you'll look forward to this as well! All in all, there will be 130 Missions to enjoy...more content than ever before!

...and now, back to work...all this content has to appear somehow!