The last delay, and TooManyGames 2024!

Hello all! Sorry that it's been so long since I wrote anything here.

I've actually been working on the new Web site. I was hoping to resume posting once it was live, but (surprise, surprise) it's taking longer than expected to complete. I couldn't wait any longer to post this, so here we are...

I'm going to be at TooManyGames 2024 in Oaks, PA on June 28-30! There, you'll get to try the almost-finished version of Super Duper Multitasking! Yep, after 9 years of development, we're almost at the finish line. Be among the first to try the new minigames, Missions, modes, and other mayhem! I promise it'll be worth your time. You'll also be able to buy the game on the spot, at a deep discount!

I must also sadly announce one more delay. I was hoping to finally release the game this summer, but it just wasn't in the cards. There's just too much left to do, and not enough time to promote it. Plus, I'm hoping to work on the other two companion games that I want to release alongside of which is almost done, the other of which is...not. So please look forward to the official final release in February of 2025. (You won't have to wait that long if you want to try it out...the beta will be made publicly available to all Super Multitasking owners. Stay tuned for more info!)

I hope to see you at TooManyGames! Thanks again for all of your support!