Snake360: General strategy tips

This was originally posted to the yyrGames forums on Nov 18, 2008 at 1:32 pm.

1. Don't give up. Yes, it is possible to Perfect Clear everything in the game. It's just not easy.

2. The first things you need to master are the quick 180 and quick adjustment. Both involve making two quick turns in succession. Snake360 queues all valid movements automatically, so there is no need to wait between movements. You can input 2, 3, 4 or even more movements one after another, and they'll all process in the order you pressed them.

To perform the quick 180, turn around by pressing the buttons one after another, quickly. Moving to the right, we can press either down/left or up/left. To perform the quick adjustment, turn 90 degrees, then back the way you were originally traveling. Moving to the right, we can press down/right or up/right. The quick 180 is the best way to turn around in the smallest space possible. The quick adjustment is the best way to align yourself with a target or an opening if you're one or two rows or columns off. The quick 180 and quick adjustment are also simple ways to earn Quick Move x2 bonuses, which will boost your score by 40%.

3. In some parts of the game you'll be forced to work in small spaces, and taking up too much room will prove fatal. You can reduce the amount of space you take up by compressing yourself into a tight space. Use quick 180s, one after another, to achieve this. You'll take up the smallest space possible and can then move to other parts of the level without worrying about becoming trapped. This is also a great strategy to last longer in Survival mode, but be careful because the clock won't stop ticking.

4. There are numerous places where you'll have to fit through a small gap to proceed. And, if you're not careful, you'll force yourself to fit through more of these small gaps as you're playing! The best possible strategy is to give yourself as much room as possible to attack these. Instead of approaching from the side and betting your life on your timing, approach from the front and play it safe. If your timing is off and you're not lined up properly, you can use a quick adjustment or two to make it through. Most importantly, remain calm and stay focused. Panicking in Snake360 will usually lead to your demise.

5. You will find that it's possible to time certain movements, like a 180 that skips one row. With repeated plays, you will learn the timing behind these movements, and on certain levels, they can help considerably.

6. Practice, practice, practice!!!