Snake360: Unlockables, and how to unlock them

This was originally posted to the yyrGames forums on Jan 20, 2009 at 12:03 am.

I waited long enough to do this. Here's a description of all 12 Goals, how to earn them and what gets unlocked.

Note: There are NO unlockables in Snake360 Lite. The below listed content is only available in the full version of Snake360.

1. "Cleared a Course" - Unlock: Course 4.
Clear any course on any difficulty.

2. "Two Down" - Unlock: Course 5.
Clear two courses on any difficulty. Note: it must be two DIFFERENT courses. Example: Course 1 on Easy and Course 2 on Normal.

3. "Got Three" - Unlock: Course 6.
Clear three courses on any difficulty. Note: it must be three DIFFERENT courses.

4: "Step Up" - Unlock: Expert Difficulty.
Clear any course on Difficult difficulty.

5. "Uh-oh..." - Unlock: Master Difficulty.
Clear ALL 6 courses on Expert difficulty.

6. "More please!" - Unlock: Turbo speed.
Collect a total of 250 targets. Gameplay in any mode counts, even Battle. Turbo speed can be used in any mode.

7. "Floor It" - Unlock: Extreme speed.
Clear any course using Turbo speed. Extreme speed can be used in any mode.

8. "Battle Fan" - Unlock: 6 more battle levels.
Play 10 games of Battle mode. After this unlock you will have a total of 12 battle levels.

9. "I'm a Survivor" - Unlock: 6 more survival levels.
Last 4 minutes on any level in Survival mode. After this unlock you will have a total of 12 survival levels.

10. "Extra! Extra!" - Unlock: "Indulgence" in Music Player.
Reach any Extra Stage. To do this, you must clear the first 8 stages in any course without losing a life.

11. "Around the World" - Unlock: Marathon mode.
Clear all courses, 1 through 6. Difficulty does not matter; you simply need to clear at least one difficulty on each course.

12. "Fanatic" - Unlock: "Kitty Cat" in Music Player.
Achieve a Total Clear Rate of 90% or more. All 30 courses (6 courses with 5 difficulties each) figure into this. For more information on Clear Rate, see the thread "Understanding the Clear Rate." "Kitty Cat" is the song that plays during the credits roll. If you want my honest opinion: if you unlock "Fanatic," you have officially beaten Snake360. =)