CardArcade: Version info/history

This was originally posted to the yyrGames forums on Sep 02, 2009 at 10:06 pm, and was last updated in 2018.

The final version is 1.1.3, compiled on September 15th, 2015. (Changes to XBLIG are no longer possible.)

If you are not running the latest version of CardArcade, you will be informed that there is an update when you launch the game. Unlike retail and XBLA games, the update is not required to play, but it is strongly recommended that you update for the best experience.

You can check what version you have by looking in the bottom-left corner of the title screen. You will see the string "XBLIG VERSION x.x.x," where x.x.x is the version number you're currently running.

Version history:

- at some high widescreen resolutions (like 1080p), screen layout did not appear correctly; this has been fixed
- higher-resolution font with lowercase letters is now used; text has been edited to take advantage of it
- Goals are no longer attainable in How to Play mode (this is what was originally intended)
- removed Snake360 advertisement
- improved stability of Network Ranking
- many internal changes and miscellaneous edits/fixes

- Network Ranking now connects to other players. A stupid mistake caused it not to work previously. =(
- fixed several aspects of Network Ranking that--if it had worked--could have caused a crash.
- Network Ranking moved to another hardware thread, so it no longer causes "hiccups" during gameplay.
- added feature that allows you to see Network Ranking's status (hold Back+Up+RB+X before loading screen). Status text will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen. If you aren't using a VGA monitor or HDTV, this text will probably be cut off.
- if you don't sign in or select a storage device, you can now play with profiles disabled (this was previously not allowed).
- "999999" will no longer show up under lowest score, if no lowest score exists.
- made changes to the Snake360 advert, to reduce its potential offensiveness. =)
- notifications of Goals achieved move lower on the screen if displayed at the end of a round.
- added a message at the end of a How To Play mode game, inviting you to try the game in Arcade mode. If you need to purchase the full version to play the game in Arcade mode, that will be displayed instead.
- if you were playing How To Play mode, and the last legal move available was the stockpile, it would still glow green when the next round starts...this is now fixed.
- when purchased, the game will not reset any more... your profile will load immediately instead.
- game now pauses when controller disconnected.
- Xbox Guide notifications now appear in the top-right corner of the screen
- added proper support for PAL SDTVs.
- games played in modes besides Arcade mode were throwing off the "Highest Game" statistic. This has been fixed.

1.0.1: Original release.