Statement on XBLIG closure

It is with disappointment that I acknowledge the coming closing of Xbox Live Indie Games, though it is not with surprise.

From start to finish, XBLIG has been amazing for everyone involved. I never dreamed that I'd be able to publish games on a retail game console, and here I've released half a dozen. That being said, seeing as how most existing yyrGames products are XBLIG, I feel the need to provide some information here on how this affects the present and future of yyrGames.

Snake360 will remain at $3 US, Snake Party will be $3 US when released, and all other yyrGames titles will stay at $1 US. No further price drops are planned. I feel that the amount of content in my Snake titles justifies the higher (but still inexpensive) price. All yyrGames titles will remain on sale until the XBLIG closure in September 2017. Following the closure, previously purchased yyrGames titles will still be re-downloadable by existing buyers.

The XNA team has mentioned that they, along with game conservationists, will be making efforts to preserve XBLIG titles moving forward. While there are no details regarding these efforts yet, I will establish right now that if I'm offered the opportunity, I will make sure that yyrGames titles are part of these efforts, even if there's no money in it for me. It's been an honor to entertain players around the world and I will continue to do so in as many ways as I can; this will just be one of those ways.

As far as the future of these titles: I am currently in the process of shifting my development efforts toward Unity, which will allow me to develop for any current or future platform. Pixel Poops is the first of these new efforts. You might already have seen it on PlayStation Mobile, but if not, in the coming weeks, you'll be able to play it both right here on, and also on your favorite mobile device!

My hope is that, in the future, you will be able to play new versions of all yyrGames titles on modern platforms, but as this is currently my hobby and not my career, I can't make any promises. Also, please note that the cost of releasing on modern consoles is significantly more expensive than XBLIG has ever been, so I may have to be selective. If there is a particular yyrGames title that you would like to see on a particular console, I invite your feedback...either on the forums, or by dropping me an e-mail at

Thank you very much for your support of yyrGames. Arcade-style games have not been mainstream for many years now...they have become a niche. I'm a member of a small audience, one that remains passionate about them...passionate enough to continue playing, creating and supporting them in any way we can. Having your support means that there is one more of us. So, from the bottom of my heart...thank you.