The state of yyrGames (plus more delays!)

I expected to have Sharpshooter Plus out by the end of this Summer. It's Fall now, so obviously that didn't work out =p

Things at my day job have been so busy that I've had to work some overtime lately. When I get home, I'm spending time with my wife and young daughter, and once they're asleep, that's the time I have to work on yyrGames and other projects. With my job being as crazy as it's been lately, I've actually chosen to spend some time over these last few months playing video games rather than creating them. Unfortunately, I don't have the time required to do both. So, that's the main reason why Sharpshooter Plus has yet to come out.

Next month, for various reasons, I'm going to have some more freetime than usual. I plan to utilize that, not only to finally release Sharpshooter Plus, but also to work on some other things...

It's been almost two years since Xbox Live Indie Games was shut down. I'm not thrilled with the fact that the majority of my IP is still shut down along with it; I was hoping that new versions representing all 6 of my IPs would be available by now. Still, it's a huge task for one person to release one game, let alone six...even if the games are simply re-releases of older titles. I may not have had to re-invent the wheel with something like Sharpshooter Plus, but it's extremely important to me to give my players a new experience beyond what they could enjoy before. This is why Sharpshooter Plus will be playable using gamepad, mouse, or touchscreen; and, why it will sport new features such as enhanced graphics, Hardcore Mode, and Steam Leaderboards. I'm not satisfied with simply re-releasing an existing game with no added features. But obviously, this takes longer.
I'm also going to try to release the games I've already re-released on more platforms. The Xbox One Creators Program makes this relatively easy, and at least one of my IPs may be a good fit for mobile platforms. I have nothing to announce at present, but watch this space.

As important as it is to me to re-release my older properties, it is also important to me to develop new experiences for my players. Super Multitasking represents the most original concept I've ever designed, and I'm not yet done with it. The fact is, I always envisioned releasing three versions of Multitasking. The first was released on XBLIG. The second is Super Multitasking, now available on Steam. Very soon, I will begin working on the third. Of course, there will be new minigames and Challenges added; that goes without saying. But the ultimate version of this game will be going beyond that, rest assured.
I've applied to be a part of the Super MAGFest 2020 Indie Videogame Showcase. It is far from guaranteed that I'll be accepted; actually, I believe that I'm a long shot. But if I get in, you will see these features there, and I hope you'll look forward to it! (If I don't, you will still see them sometime next year.)
I would also like to announce here and now that if you buy Super Multitasking today, you will not only be able to sample the new features as they are added, but you will also receive them for free. That's right: all existing owners of the game will be upgraded to the final version automatically. For everyone else, the price may go up a bit when it's all done.

All of that said, another matter of importance to me is the development of new titles. Multitasking is actually my newest IP; the first version was released in early 2016, so it's almost four years old. It's time to create something new. I'm actually currently working on something silly for my alternative label MRG, but following that, I'm planning to develop something else silly. Specifically, it's a concept that focuses on a local multiplayer experience, similarly to Snake Party. But it's not Snake at all, nor does it resemble Snake one bit. It's too early to say anything else about it at this time, but I hope you'll look forward to more information next year.
I want to mention: I had originally intended to develop this game for the upcoming Intellivision Amico platform, and submitted the concept several months ago. But even after following up several times, I never received any sort of acknowledgment or response from their team. I can only assume that they're satisfied with the number of games in development for their platform and aren't interested in any more. Good for them, I suppose?

I'll mention one other project I'm hoping to get off the ground using my free time next month: I've been intending to launch it literally for years, but never found the time. Now, I might have it, and I'm going to try.

If I'm working on all of these new things, obviously I'll have less time (or no time) to work on older things. So, at present, I'm delaying Bungee Ferret Tossing 1.5 to 2020. When in 2020? I can't say. I apologize to those of you who are looking forward to it.

Well, that's everything I have to say regarding the current state of yyrGames. If you've actually come here and read all of this, thank you! You are obviously part of the reason that I do all of this. Thank you for your continued support, and please look forward to my next release, Sharpshooter Plus for Steam!