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Sharpshooter Plus is now available on Steam! Take the challenge using a controller, mouse, or touchscreen!

yyrGames' XBLIG, in a nutshell

Edit (10/10/2017): Xbox Live Indie Games have now been delisted; these titles are no longer available for sale.

With mere months to go until XBLIG disappear forever, I figured I'd remind everyone of what yyrGames titles are now being offered on the service. If you like arcade-style games, you'll almost certainly enjoy these on your Xbox 360! Click on any title to learn more!

Xbox Live Creators Program announced!

We now know that Microsoft will be bringing an XBLIG-style service to Xbox One. The Creators Program will allow us to self-publish games on Xbox One, without concept approval or significant expenses.

It's too early to make any announcements, and the service isn't even available yet, but rest assured...you will definitely see yyrGames titles on XB1 thanks to this service! The fact that leaderboards will now be supported sweetens the deal even further! Stay tuned...

The end of Internet Ranking

Unfortunately, the Internet Ranking feature in my XBLIG releases was designed in such a way that it only lasts for about seven and a half years. After this time, the games will produce codes that simply don't work. Snake360's time already ran out; this will also affect Falling and Sharpshooter during 2017. For more information, please click here.

Snake Party is out!

The final yyrGames release on Xbox 360 is also one of the last Xbox Live Indie Games ever! Please enjoy the ultimate evolution of Snake360's 4-player Battle Mode, along with 100+ Missions and much, much more! To learn more, click here!

No Game Left Behind

Over the last eight years, I've built a bit of a catalog. And while my arcade-style games aren't going to be revered or remembered by most, I don't want to see them disappear with the closure of Xbox Live Indie Games. Don't worry, I have a plan!

Depending on the title, I will be planning to bring each of my games forward in one of three different ways.