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Sharpshooter Plus is now available on Steam! Take the challenge using a controller, mouse, or touchscreen!

"New" games coming this Summer!

Two great yyrGames titles are coming back this summer, and are on their way to Steam! First up is Sharpshooter Plus, an enhanced version of one of my most intense games...this time around, you'll be able to experience the challenge using a controller, mouse, or touchscreen! I'm hoping to release it this July...read more about it now!

Following in September will be Bungee Ferret Tossing 1.5! Return to Arizona to battle terrorists the only way you know how: hanging from a helicopter, and flinging small exploding animals! The bullet-dodging action returns, except it'll be way more customizable this time! More details are coming soon!


I love my IPs, and it's true that I've not yet released new versions of all of my titles. But to continue to place my delisted Xbox 360 content front and center is confusing.

So, I've created a "Legacy" category and moved all of my delisted titles there. It's under the "About" menu. All of it's there; nothing was removed. But it frees up space in the main menu, which is good, because... ::wink::

Mostly Random Games

Every so often, I produce something that has the same sort of action-packed gameplay that I normally produce, but that utilizes a more...twisted sort of gameplay concept. From here on out, I'll call them MRG, or Mostly Random Games. They're going to be in their own little corner of my site; click MRG above to see them. Pixel Poops was the first...look forward to another one soon!

We now have a Privacy Policy!

The short version: this Web site automatically collects the same sort of info that most Web sites do, and the games mostly just collect your usernames and high scores.
I'm required to have a Privacy Policy posted before I release a game on Xbox One, so that's done now. Click the link at the bottom of the page to view it.
...oh, I didn't mention I was doing that yet, did I? Well, stay tuned for that announcement. =)

We've moved!

This Web site probably doesn't look any different to you, but I've switched Web hosts! Ultimately, I'm hoping that the site will respond faster and be more reliable than before.

If you run into any issues, please send me a message using the contact form. And thanks for visiting!