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Sharpshooter Plus is now available on Steam! Take the challenge using a controller, mouse, or touchscreen!

yyrGames returns to Xbox!

Falling Plus was actually done in 2019, but I had a ton of trouble getting sign-in and file access to work, so I kept shelving it. And then...back in January, Microsoft started suspending the developer accounts of those folks who hadn't released anything, and I was no exception. I was reinstated, but given 90 days to release something, or I'd be suspended again. The 90th day was tomorrow. Well, I am pleased to say Falling Plus is now available for Xbox One/Series!

You can look at the Manual/FAQ page here, or go here to buy it! You can also use the Search feature on an Xbox console to find it. Please enjoy Falling Plus on Xbox!

Please look forward to yyrGames in 2022!

I've been working lately on Super Multitasking's new minigames. I'm also putting in a bit of time here and there on Bungee Ferret Tossing 1.5, and on top of those, I'm flirting with finally expanding to new platforms beyond just Steam. All of this, somehow, in between my busy everyday life.

Unfortunately, all of these projects are too far from the finish line to complete this year. So I'm announcing here and now that there will be no further yyrGames releases in 2021. But 2022 should be fantastic, and I hope you'll look forward to a year that promises a bunch of exciting releases! Until then, I'll work hard, so that you'll soon enjoy the sort of action-packed experiences you've come to expect from me.

Thank you for your continued support of yyrGames!

Steam Summer Sale, now through July 8th!

If you haven't yet picked up the current yyrGames collection on Steam, you can do it now at a deep discount! Heck, you can pick up all 3 current games for less than 5 bucks! MRG's Pixel Poops is on sale too, along with all DLC! Check it all out here: https://store.steampowered.com/search/?publisher=yyrGames

Super Multitasking expansion is in production!

Since I’ve been quiet for awhile, I just wanted to post an update for anyone wondering: the Super Multitasking Versus Ultimate expansion is in active production. I’m currently working on the new minigames! I’m super happy with what I have so far, and I’m really looking forward to showing you the new additions…but please be patient for now! My wife went back to work, my daughter has entered daycare, and our routine has significantly changed, so having energy at the end of the day to work on projects is tough! I’m still hoping to release this year, but I’ll have a better idea of how realistic that is by the end of summer. Thanks for playing Super Multitasking!

yyrGames ending macOS support

For about the past 4 years, it has been a pleasure to offer my current library of games on macOS. But as I’ve mentioned before, properly supporting macOS today requires notarizing my games each time I build or update them, which would cost $100 per year and also require (significant) extra time for the process. I still, to date, have not grossed $100 lifetime in sales on the Mac platform. From a financial standpoint, I can’t even justify supporting macOS to the extent that I currently am, let alone supporting it properly going forward. So I’m making the difficult decision to discontinue Mac support across my product line.